20 Proven Ways to Make Money Home and Online Successfully.

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20 Proven Ways to Make Money Home and Online Successfully.

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Make Money Home Based Business

20 Great Ideas to Earn Extra Money from Home and Using The Internet.

How to make Money Online

How to Boost Your Income Online This Year

Come January most people are broke after the holiday season and looking around online seek some practical ways to build up some cash to get the year going again.

This guide will help you cut through all the B.S and in turn find some great ideas and there are also some links to excellent programs to fast track you to earn money online or part-time from home.

Doing Online jobs in your spare time is perfect to earn some extra cash in your spare time, and there are tons of different types ranging from surveys to typing jobs, full on freelancing work and virtual assistant jobs.

Many people don’t want to invest in full-on internet business and with the goal of earning extra money, online jobs are the perfect solutions.

Paid surveys completing market research for companies is one of the most popular ways to earn cash, rewards and prizes and the best way of accessing these is through membership portals where companies submit their surveys.

Online paid Surveys


Paid surveys membership portals for earning extra money doing online jobs will cost you a membership fee and this has been done because of a lot of abuse by people in the past.

Companies submit paid surveys on these portals and you will also be able to access online jobs by the thousands which are posted by clients seeking work done for them both business and personal.

Earning Money Online Jobs Part Time or Full time?

Many people that are serious about earning extra money with online jobs have started part time, and earned such a good living they have been able to concentrate on doing freelance online jobs full time.

It all depends on how diligent you are, and if you are dedicated in submitting quality completed tasks, you will be singled out as someone that delivers and may end up with more work than you can handle.

Online jobs are great for newbie’s, and you do not really need the experience to complete market research surveys or basic typing work which often consists of articles. Blog posts and social media press releases.

Financial freedom and working from home full time is also possible if you are prepared to do online jobs diligently and consistently.

When you need to maintain your membership fees online jobs can cover them with no problems, and the work is plentiful in these portals.

With so many offers of online jobs now available for anyone no matter where you live simply select the online jobs portal you wish to join and see how everything works.

Doing Only Writing/Typing Jobs…

Online Writing Jobs

The most popular ways for earning extra money online jobs is typing and writing jobs which consist of blog posts, articles, and many other sorts of tasks.

You may not become wealthy doing online jobs in your spare time but you can build up a reliable income that supplements your budget and helps you live a bit better with less financial stress.

Spend an hour or two at night completing paid surveys and other tasks and maybe a few hours on the weekend and your efforts sill definitely start bearing fruit.

Take a look at some portals where you can access multiple income streams online jobs and other simple ways to earn money online this way and if you are prepared to work well and complete what you are asked at a high standard they sky is the limit in earnings!

Let us investigate some ways you can start a mini home based business part time…

Writing Jobs

20 Ideas for Practical Minimal Investment Home Based Jobs.

There are lots of ideas you can find online to do home based jobs and here we offer some smart ideas in home based jobs that you can do completely part time.

There is also a great guide that you can invest in with more detailed information giving you a complete detailed outline for each idea. CLICK HERE

Work from Home Online

  1. Sales Consultant Cosmetics, Cleaning Products etc: 

No matter what country of the world you live in have a look in the paper and you will see that there are well known companies always seeking sales consultants for their products.  Some examples of these companies are Tupperware, Golden products, Avon, and many others can never get enough sales consultants that are prepared to get involved in home based jobs.

You may have to buy their starter kits of sample products but you could arrange a get now pay later with them.

If you are not scared to communicate with others you could do very well in this type of home based job and you can even spread your net wider using the internet.

  1. Part Time Garden Maintenance:

This is home jobs with huge potential and you can specialize in doing lawns, flower beds, vegetable gardens or maintaining greenhouses for some examples.

Lots of people are lazy to mow their lawns and this service alone can net you a tidy income every day. Home jobs maintaining gardens can eventually grow into a large business service that could make you very well off in the future if you provided an excellent service.

  1. Home Cooked Confectionary and Meals:

Home based jobs cooking biscuits, cakes, confectionary and homemade meals is perfect for people that love cooking.

During season, you can make jams, jellies, delicious ginger beer, fruit pickles and many other popular foods. If you provide quality then word of mouth gets around and you can be earning a super living on the profits from this type of home based business.

  1. Babysitting Evenings and Weekends: 

Home based jobs like this are great for both adults and teenagers and eventually, you can become well known in your neighborhood if you provide safe reliable services.  As a matter of fact, the children can grow to become fond of you and even ask for your services. Busy parents would love to take off weekends away or go for nights out and if you have fair rates your services can become in great demand.

  1. Cleaning Home Based jobs:

This is a wide area and services can be provided for businesses, stores, offices and homes. It is better to specialize in a certain niche here and provide a quality services at a fair price to stay competitive. If you have a look at the Home Jobs Guide you will find a detailed outline on how to start a home based business of this nature.

  1. Mini Office Catering:

Similar to the above home based business idea for those that like to cook. You can specialize in catering for office functions and parties or small; social get together do’s.

There are party catering for children services, business lunches and many more areas that you could work in and become known for providing top quality gourmet dishes.

Quality platters at competitive prices are all you need to provide and you can make a full time living in this home based jobs niche.

  1. Shopping and Delivery Errands: 

Collect post for the elderly, go shopping for busy executives and people, and help with all sorts of similar activities.

Home jobs like this are great if you enjoy helping others, Soon enough you could be the preferred choice to call in your community when someone needs a helping hand with any chores.

  1. Home Fixer Handyman: It is not just men that can do handy man jobs but women can too.  Changing an electrical plug, cleaning out gutters, minor paint work and dozens of more small home chores can be provide by a handy services.

It is even possible to get help from casual workers like teens and students when the job seems a little more demanding for a single person.

Offer fair rates in this home based business and before you know it you could be earning more than you thought possible

  1. Virtual Secretarial Assistant: Home based jobs like this are perfect for the person that likesorganizing things, such as sorting out a busy persons e-mails, posting updates to social media, and helping to keep a busy person on schedules.

Home based jobs in this niche would require an internet connection and a reliable computer but this is not a must because an internet café is also a good place to get started.

  1. Secretarial and organizational Consultant: were, or are you a personal assistant that knows how to sort, arrange, schedule and organize.

Start part time home based jobs for other executives that cannot afford to employ a full time personal assistant while they are growing their small business. As long as you detail your services and provide quality services as well then you could be earning good money for a few different small business executives.

  1. Winter Snow or Rubble Removal:

Depending on the season you could make a sound income in this services home based jobs idea. For now all you really need is a good shovel and strong back, but for building rubble, and rubbish removal you may need to hire a vehicle and/or trailer but this can be worked into the price.

Small businesses and home owners would definitely lookout for your services if you offered fair rates and quality prompt services

  1. Online Writing Jobs: Typing and writing jobs online is always in high demand because the internet runs on content.

There are some superb ways that you can get your hands on well paying writing jobs. If you are accurate in grammar and enjoy writing, content production for blog owners, websites and social network clients is definitely a cheap business startup for you.

  1. Pet Care or Grooming Services: 

Animal lovers spend thousands of Dollars, Pounds, Euro, or whatever currency on caring and grooming their animals. Naturally, most people will go for specializing on dogs and cats but there are wider types of pet’s now-days that need care and grooming.

If you are interested in this sort of home jobs it is a great idea to invest in a grooming course. Click here for more about pet health and grooming.

  1. Pet Caring and Dog walking: Similar to point 13 except you need to care for pets when owners are away or take dogs and even cats for walks when owners are too busy.

Home based jobs of this type are great for animal lovers. Market your services in your neighborhood at competitive rates and you can start right away providing these services.

  1. On call Delivery service:

Mini courier delivery for parcels, letters, packages, and other sensitive products door to door is very popular, and in great demand.

Courier services can be expensive but your service could be specific to your neighborhood or local business and industrial area.  A small car or bicycle is necessary to do effective services in this home based jobs idea and as mentioned keep it specific to an area.


How to Make Money Online

  1. Artistic design and Calligrapher: 

The internet makes it quite simple to create beautiful letterheads, business cards and logos and if you have artistic skill this could be perfect for you to earn money in a home based business.

You can advertise your services l on websites like freelancer and Fiver to begin with but make sure you have a few samples of work handy for potential clients to take a look at.

  1. Helping with School Work:

Parents with Children at school always look for others that can give extra lessons or help with homework, and if you excelled in a specific subject, why not make some money ion home based jobs, doing tutoring at the student’s home.

All you need to do to get started is to give out pamphlets detailing your services in your neighborhood.

  1. Personal Day Care: 

Sometimes busy mums need to leave their children with someone they can trust to go run an errand or other chores.

This simple services home based job can be a great money spinner if you become reliable. Make sure to schedule your appointments so that you don’t overlap.

You may have to check up regulations about child care in your area in case there are special conditions.

  1. Translating Jobs: 

If you are able to speak another language then you could become a translator freelance for others.

There are also translating jobs for documents for businesses, teachers and students in great demand but you can speed up the process of translation in this niche by using tools on the internet like Google has for example.

  1. Elderly People Part Time Caregiver:  Senior citizens always want company, help with shopping, a designated driver and much more and home based jobs in this niche are wide and lucrative in nature.

Eventually, you could build up a list of specific clients that call for your services ongoing so once you have done the initial; marketing this could become a reliable plus lucrative income.

There are many other smart ways to start home based jobs to work from home and one of the best guides can be found by clicking the banner above.

If you provide a quality services, or products; no matter what you are involved in word of mouth can mean your business grows fast and there would even be no need to work for a boss in a conventional dreary nine to five….

There you have it. Most people that have read this will just do nothing while others may take up an idea and run with it.

It’s all up to you and you can certainly make money doing online jobs or home based jobs but it is up to you to get started, be determined to make a success and give your mini business everything you have to make it a successful enterprise.

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