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Hi My Name is Richard Corona, and I have been making money freelance writing online since 2006, and I Still Do!.... In Fact I Make LOTS of Money Now in Many different ways by doing writing Work, but the only difference now is that I do it for myself!…

Allow me to Stress one VERY Important Point! FREELANCE WRITING JOBS ONLINE IS NOT A SCAM!

In the beginning trying my hand at freelance writing jobs was frustrating to say the least, because I didn't really know how to write properly, or find freelance writing work that paid well. My Freelance writing career was shaky at first but I read all those success stories of high earning freelance writers and I wanted to be my own success story too.

I paid a small fortune for freelance writing guides for beginners, training on how to write articles, blogposts, and later as time went on, guides on how to publish books for money.

My arsenal of guides grew with special techniques on how to earn money writing articles for 'Search Engine Optimization' writing and what ever else I could get my hands on!

Here is How YOU Can Now Learn How To Start Freelance Writing Online With My Training!

Are you Fed Up of all Those Make Money Online Promises, tired of struggling to make ends meet, sick of being treated like a slave by your boss in a job you REALLY HATE? Maybe You have tried building a internet business but failed, or you have been caught out and lost money in scams!

You always dreamed of being your own boss, and becoming wealthy like so many success stories you read about of other wealthy entrepreneurs, and wonder whether you will ever be able to live your dream...? If So then...

Get Proper Coaching & The Right Tools For Starting a Writing Career Online...Over 30 Modules with EVERYTHING You Will EVER Need!

Can You Answer Yes To These Questions?

freelance writing for money You Have good grammar skills, and have the discipline to complete the freelance writing tasks that can range from writing articles, reviews, SEO content or blogs, promptly, and accurately?

freelance writing from home You Have access to a quality computer, or laptop with Microsoft word, or a good WordPad program, (or you can start with Free 'Open Office' will do) for ease of writing, editing and saving your tasks?

how to start freelance writing online You Have reliable internet access, this is vital for accessing freelance writing work from clients, doing research when required, and for submitting completed writing work within deadlines when it is completed?

If You Answered YES!...Then With Proper Coaching, You Could Learn How to Make a Living Doing Freelance Jobs Online!

There is lots of money to be made in your writing career doing jobs for clients that consist of writing blog posts, press releases, articles, website content, magazine short stories and even short information books.
In addition to this there are tasks client request like completing book reviews, music reviews and editing and that is just the TIP of the iceberg!


*Now You Can Also Get The Secrets To Becoming a Successful Freelance Writer, Author, and Website Designer!*

Once you become experienced in writing articles, blog posts and how to make money writing content, you can also start writing your own information products, write your own eBooks and submit them to kindle, and even sell content to web-masters, authors, teachers, and to the press...

There will always be tons of ways to earn money freelance writing available, and if you learn the right skills to write quality work, it is possible to eventually earn enough to work from home full time. It is common knowledge that the internet runs on information so writers and authors, are always in high demand!.

What Fees Do Some Freelancers Earn Doing Writing Online Jobs?

Different clients offering writing tasks, pay different rates according to your skill levels, and the type of writing work you do.

It is possible to earn as much as $2.00 per word writing articles and website content, once you become experienced. Some companies and web masters pay per letter, per article or per batch.

If you have a full time job; in the evenings you could do some writing work to earn extra money, while unemployed individuals with an internet connection that are disciplined, can use this coaching to learn how to earn a substantial salary as freelance writers!

Now you Get The Exact Same Guides I Had to Start Your Freelance Writing Career Online PLUS LOTS MORE!

You can get your hands on my HUGE package of guides for starting a writing career, and all the training that showed me the way to earn money writing articles to achieve success...


PLUS!... A Guide With The Most Complete List of Companies Seeking Writers Right Now!

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There are NO monthly membership fees to pay to get your hands on my huge collection of coaching guides that will show you how to get started in freelance writing. These coaching guides COVER ALL the ways to make money freelance writing, or even writing for yourself.

I Know how frustrating it is to waste money, on programs that just don't pan out! This has happened to me dozens of time and made me real angry!

To Get Started as a successful writer online, I am happy to share all the guides that have helped me achieve success, and this is what I have put together in a package called TYPE4LIFE, THAT HAS EVERYTHING YOU NEED!

These are the same coaching guides I paid big money for, when I was learning how to start making money freelance writing online, and included in this package, are many other ways that you can cash in Online to earn an income writing for yourself. Although I paid a LOT of money for all of these writing coaching guides, you don't have to!

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